My So-Called Life


My so-called life is simple…so far, and I like it. My so-called life is me. There are no big twists and turns, or mountains. There are wide open fields with rolling hills. It’s all peaceful and smooth sailing…so far. I suppose this is more about where my life is going than where it’s been. It would be hard to get lost when talking about my life because it’s so straightforward. I’ve always known who I was and what I wanted to do. Art is what I live for, and I’m glad I never had to get lost to figure that out.

Now when I say that my life has been (somewhat) all peaches and gravy, that doesn’t mean that I want my life to be that way for the rest of my existence. I want mountains, and valleys, and deep oceans. But I don’t want to lose myself in them. I want these things to make me grow and not tear me down. I want them to paint the road of my life with scenic routes, abandoned towns, shitty detoured dirt roads, and amusement parks. I want my life to tell a story.


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