Lomography’s Smartphone Film Scanner

Lomography, a community dedicate to analogue photography, has created something truly amazing. The Smartphone Film Scanner allows you to scan 35mm film as well as edit, print, and share your pictures using their LomoScanner Smartphone App. After hitting above and beyond their Kickstarter funding goal–starting out with a $50,000 goal and ending up with $207,948 with time still left to spare–this beautiful invention will be set to be released this March.

I’d kill to get my hands on this when it comes out because I have a box full of old 35mm rolls just sitting around and waiting to be loved. I could look at them on the go and not just in the dark room. This device seems to be the perfect balance of both worlds: old and new, analogue and digital.


One response to “Lomography’s Smartphone Film Scanner

  1. What a great new product- thanks for sharing. I agree about how it’s a perfect blend between the old and new. I know that there’s a lot of discourse in the community about editing and I think that this piece will probably spark more conversation/controversy about editing.

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