Do You See What I See?


Most of the time, I see patterns: in behavior, situations, places.  I’ve been people watching quite often for the past few weeks and it’s always intruiging to see how flawlessly people react and interact with people. Usually this starts after I’ve come out of a part of campus with heavy traffic. I’m walking, and right before happens, and I see it. There’s someone coming from my left on a bike, someone else on my right walking at the exact speed that I am, and another person walking directly in front of me coming from the opposite direction. Somehow when we all meet each other at this one point, we coast by one another effortlessly, almost like it was synchronized, like there was no impending disaster looming over us if one person had decided to plow through the crowd on their bike and mow down innocent pedestrians. Maybe it’s because we’re so good at avoiding people we don’t know (or do know) that our bodies automatically react without a second thought.




2 responses to “Do You See What I See?

  1. I wont lie, sometimes when I am walking I have to repeat to myself: “They will part for me, just keep walking.” I do and it happens, it’s amazing. I have had my share of awkward dancing with strangers. You know, when you both step left then right. It’s funny what you see when your looking, I guess you have to open your eyes once and a while!

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