(Image of Ronald Tiango’s ‘Dirt Poster’)

Jiminy Cricket told a big fat lie. Wishing on a star won’t make your dreams come true. I wish it really was that easy but, unfortunately, I have to do stuff. They should make a remix and talk about how having goals is the yellow brick road to success. Sometimes its frightening thinking about your future and all the obstacles you’ll eventually have to go through to get what you want. But once you know what they are, and you know what you have to do to achieve them, they appear less daunting. Write them down and separate them from the tens of thousands of things you have swirling around in your head because they will get lost! Put them on sticky notes, make a poster and hang it your room, or paint them in bold words on your bedroom walls if you have to. I made mine into a poster and its taped to the back of my bedroom door so I can see it every day when I wake up and it inspires me to not only have goals, but act on them as well. Seeing a constant reminder of what you have in store for your own future will keep you focused and motivated to hopefully stay true to yourself and spark a positive + proactive work ethic to get what you want in life.

So here are mine: my short-term and long-term goals that will turn my passions and dreams into reality.

Short term goals

  1. Get a new job
    1. Apply for a job
    2. Set interview
    3. Do well at interview
    4. Pray
  2. Internship
    1. Research internships
    2. Go to internship seminars
    3. Apply the ones I absolutely love
    4. Pray
  3. Graduate
    1. Take classes that apply to my major
    2. Actually attend those class
    3. Pass those classes
    4. Pray
  4. Study Abroad
    1. Research programs
    2. Figure out how to get free money (scholarships!)
    3. Pray
  5. Graduate School
    1. Find a grad school that fits me (including out-of-state schools) or ASU 3+ program for Graphic Design
    2. Research requirements
    3. Meet/fill requirements (with portfolio)
    4. Apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants
    5. Pray

Long term goals

  1. Move out of Arizona
    1. Find a location that has a high demand/popularity for my field.
    2. Research how much it would cost to live there? Cross-reference living costs.
    3. Find job opportunities. Where are there more jobs available? How much do they pay?
  2. Work for BULLETT Magazine
    1. Apply for a position
    2. Get the job
    3. Move to New York City (expensive!)
  3. Eventually work into different design fields (particularly Interior and Fashion Design)
    1. Continue to work on and expand my craft.
  4. (Maybe) own my own business
    1. Be confident and work my ass off
  5. Have a body of work that I am proud of
    1. Stay true to my ideas and values
    2. Love what I do

One response to “Goal-Getter

  1. First of all, that image you posted really resonated with me. Hooray for us makers :D. We rock. Also! one of my goals is to move out of Arizona as well. We can do it! Just gotta keep on keepin on. :]

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