When Strangers Say ‘I Love You’ (First Friday Part Duex)


After reading and commenting on the post ‘tell me I’m beautiful’ over at lovinglefty, I thought I’d share my encounter with my own affectionate stranger. This also happened at First Friday while my roommate and I were walking back the light rail. A car stopped next to us at a stop light and a guy (probably around my age) poked his head out of the window in the back seat, and the conversation went like so:

“Hey ladies! I hope you’re having an awesome night!”

We laughed and I replied, “Yeah, we are.”

“That’s fucking great! My name’s Justin, I’m from Texas!”

I don’t know what he wanted me to do with this information so I just said ‘hi, Justin!’ Then he asked for my name and I gave him the first fake name that popped into my head: Allie, which is the nickname for my first name that I never go by.

So he says, “Hi Allie, you’re beautiful!” Then the light turns green, the car starts to pull away and he screams, “I love you, Allie! I love you!”

Naturally, I respond in the most love-struck voice, “I love you too, Justin!” and the car drives off.

Yes, it’s crazy. And yes, it made me happy. So happy that I wanted to write about it.

Even though I’m certain he was drunk, it was still sweet considering the more idiotic and repulsive things some drunk college guys yell to women from the insides of cars. I’d rather get a drunk “I love you” than a drunk “show me your tits” any day of the week.


3 responses to “When Strangers Say ‘I Love You’ (First Friday Part Duex)

  1. These experiences are what make for awesome stories! And yeah, I agree, an “I love you” is better than a “show me your tits” or any other crude statement he could have made haha

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