No Rules of Engagement


I tried to ask my roommate this question to get some kind of inspiration but it backfired. She doesn’t care how, when, or where she meets people. One a day-to-day basis I suppose I feel the same way, but I also have preferences on the type of atmosphere or environment I like to meet people in. Due to my introverted nature, I don’t like an excessive amount of social interaction because it literally drains me. I recharge my batteries at home which means I don’t get out a lot. But when I do go out, it’s usually in a high energy atmosphere. I love meeting people at outdoor events and festivals because they contain so many different people with like-minded goals and interest. First Friday is the best for me because I’ m surrounded by people who are just like me. Concerts are the most fun places to interact because normal etiquette on meeting other people gets thrown out the window. You can say something crazy without someone giving you the evil eye because you’re to excited to give a damn and so are they. With me, I guess it all comes down to forgetting about inhibitions and finding interesting people in a space that doesn’t require you to think too much, which is something I’m accustomed to doing. The art of mingling is packaged up with all these rules and unwritten codes that a lot of people don’t know, which inspires devastating awkwardness. I just prefer meeting people where and when those rules don’t apply.


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