Creative Incubation


If I had a week to solely dedicate to my art and being creative, that week would serve as a type of hibernation or incubation for me. I would shut myself off from the world and surround myself with creative things and inspiration that would compel me to work on my craft. I’d have to have a schedule, because without one, I most likely wouldn’t get anything done!

The first two days would start out slow. I’d most likely do a lot of napping, lounging, movie-watching, and web-surfing to charge my biological batteries because once I start a project that I’m really invested in I pour as much amount of time into it as i can. As far as the movies and internet go: that’s where I get my inspiration most of the time, as well as books. I would also take time out of everyday to meditate for at least 5 minutes to center myself and get focused on whatever I’m about to do. I find to be very helpful but I unfortunately I don’t get around to doing it as much as I’d like to. The other five days would be split between  different tasks and I would focus on one at a time so wouldn’t tire myself out trying to do a little bit of everything each day.

One day for writing, because I love it, and I eventually want to write a book one day. Don’t ask me what it would be about because I don’t even know.

One day for painting. Now, I’m not a painter. The last thing I painted was a recreation of Starry Night in high school and it was painful. But I was doing it just for fun this past weekend with my roommate and I really loved it so why not explore it further?

One day for working on all things digital. My illustration skills could use some work and I really want to start getting into animation.

One day for DIY projects, specifically jewelry. What girl doesn’t want handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry?

And one day dedicated to nature. This day would be in the middle of the week. I’m not really a nature person but most of the time I find it clarifying to simply be immersed in it every once in a while. I found this out when I went to Pinetop, AZ a few years back and took a stroll through the trees just behind my hotel, and it felt like my mind had no limits. So I’d find a park or a large garden and simply bask in my surroundings and hopefully it will spur my creativity.


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