Experiencing Greatness


So my roommate and I went to the Common lecture last night and it was everything I wanted it to be. He came out an started the night off with a freestyle. The topic of his speech was “Find your path, believe in your path, and live it”. It was really inspirational, and I definitely took most of what he said to heart because it resonated so well with my recent lack of motivation. He said that, just because something doesn’t happen when you want it to, doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself or your dream, and that hit home for me. I didn’t get many pictures & for that I’m mad, but this picture is compensation for that.

Some fuckery (excuse my French) ensued when, for some dumb reason, only a certain amount of people with certain wristbands could get an autograph from him. I wasn’t one of those people. But my roommate had the idea to get someone to give him one of my flyers for the art show I was hosting. We found one of her friends in line and they got him to sign it for me! It’s kind of saddening because I wasn’t the one who went up to him and asked him but I’m still excited about it.

“Love, Common. God bless.”


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