The Art of Networking


When I think of the word “networking”, I envision a bunch of 30 and 40-somethings in stuffy business suits talking to a bunch of people they don’t really like but they have to anyway. When I go to events and meet people, I never think of it as networking, but I certainly need to start. I suppose the difference between simply meeting people and networking with them is when you meet someone and you feel that they could benefit you in some way, you actually feel compelled to keep in contact with them.

Now I don’t get out much. My mom calls me a hermit, but it just slides off my shoulders because I know I go out a lot more than I used to. Is it enough to do some serious networking? Probably not. I think the easiest way to networking is through friends. You already have a connection with that person with some shared interest. You get to meet friends of friends and your circle just got that much bigger, and with not as much effort as putting yourself out there to a complete stranger, although those encounters are necessary too. They’re awkward and nerve-racking at times but sometime you have to suck it up and do shit you don’t wanna do to get what you want.


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