Afro Punk Pin Up & Afro Punk Culture

HAIRSTYLIST Takayuki Shibata
MODEL India Christin Lane@Ford, Rachel V@MC2

Gilet, vintage. Bustier, Stephanie Paterek for NYC Sex Trash. Choker, GEMMA REDUX.


I don’t have a lot to say other than WOW and I NEED ALL OF THESE CLOTHES. I love the unique combination of the the different styles and and cultures. The pin-up style of bustiers, thigh-highs, and high-waisted bottoms compliment the dramatic hair and spikes creating a rocker-glam look.

Afro Punk is something almost unheard of in mainstream society although it does exist, and it’s nice to see someone acknowledging that through an artistic medium even though it’s glamorized. I watch a documentary revolving around the Afro Punk culture and lifestyle a few days ago and it really shed light on how culturally diverse black people are. Don’t believe the stereotypes.


One response to “Afro Punk Pin Up & Afro Punk Culture

  1. oh em gee this is amazing. I always find myself wishing I had hair like the model that you posted! it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to watch this documentary.

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