Skullis Crystal Skulls

To be honest I really can’t remember how I came across these. You know when you’re bored, and you get so deep into the internet that you can’t even tell where you are or how you got there? Well my discovery happened during one of these moments. appears to be hold the motherload of the most interesting crystal skulls. They have everything from realistic skulls and alien skulls to skull rings and Titan skulls that are bigger than a real human head!

I guess some of my interests in crafts and art would be considered morbid or dark. Like when I went to First Friday last month and fangirled over Tom Deadstuff”s papier marche-like 3D skeletons. My intrigue with the macabre is a juxtaposition to my laid-back personality and, I think, a subconscious attempt at balancing out the light and dark sides of me.  These skulls are pretty gorgeous. If they weren’t severely out of my price range I would buy one. Maybe I’ll do some research and find some local spots to placate my small skull fixation.


6 responses to “Skullis Crystal Skulls

  1. I must say this is rather interesting how to came upon this site. When ever I get lost in the internet I find myself on strange facts sites, such as (suggestion for next time you decide to wander the internet). I’m amazed by the beautiful skulls and the minerals that the skulls are carved into. I enjoy the critter skulls the most, especially the AMAZING 7.8″ White Jade Carved Crystal Dinosaur Triceratops Skull. Lucky me it hasn’t been sold yet, but that would put a huge hole in my pocket.
    However, my inner graphic designer is screaming in agony.

  2. I believe you make some of the best discoveries when your not even looking for the thing you were originally exploring. I’ve found some great inspiration from getting lost in the internet.

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