Spring Breaker

486105_223250104482995_880037973_n_largeOh Spring Break, you confuse me so. I become torn between the decision to sleep all day and actually going outside to do stuff. Well I’ve decided to focus on a few things during this week of much-needed relaxation. The last time I propped open a book that wasn’t required for homework was during Winter Break so I plan on reading all those books I’ve left half read. I have the tendency to read several books at a time. Also, I have several rolls of film from my summer trip to Flagstaff and Thanksgiving that have been neglected. I plan on showing them lots of love in the dark room for the next week. What I want to do but haven’t really planned is hanging out with  friends and family and having a few adventures sprinkled in here and there.


One response to “Spring Breaker

  1. I felt the same way at the beginning of Spring Break, I really just wanted to sleep with no alarm… which is actually pretty close to what I ended up doing. I had my crazy Spring Break once, but now I’d rather just use the time to relax!

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