I Love Food Trucks!

Yep. They’re awesome, and they always have the best food. It’s one reason why I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks because it’s way better than any fast food, cheaper than a restaurant, and it feels good  to support local business.

I was just walking to the Light Rail from campus on Forest Ave. and there were about 8 food trucks sitting in the parking lot across the street from that beautiful mosque. It was just a spark of curiosity that made me go over there, just to see what they had. I ended up ordering from Luncha Libre and I got a Blackberry-pomegranate tea (in a mason jar!) and a chicken quesadilla with pepperjack cheese and pico de gallo. Let me tell you–DELICIOUS! Totally worth the money.



7 responses to “I Love Food Trucks!

  1. You’re making me hungry now! I want to go just to get a drink in a mason jar! I love those! I’ve been working in Santa Monica for the past three summers I’ve been at ASU and there is this Kogi truck that comes by my office every week. I didn’t think I would like it at first because it’s like Japanese BBQ type food, but boy was I wrong! They have tacos, mini sliders, and everything in between! Their food is DELICIOUS and I miss it when I’m back at school. Like you said, it’s worth it to pay an extra few bucks to get better food!

  2. MMM! I love Food trucks too! I think campus has food truck Wednesdays or maybe it’s Fridays, I can’t remember haha And they let you keep the Mason jar?? Cool!

  3. Food trucks are definitely awesome! I’m usually too cheap to buy food from them because I always bring my own food for lunch to school, but they are definitely deserving of the little extra cost. You get a drink and a mason jar, what more could you ask for?! Too cool!

  4. Oh I had Luncha Libre as well at a gallery opening of Dude Ranch at Gallery 100 last week. I had the Mac Daddy Quesadilla that had mac and cheese with pico de gallo. Gaah so flipping good! I was concerned that I would feel heavy and unsettling afterwards but I felt so satisfied and content wanting more.

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