But its a Good Addiction…


My name is Jewel, and I’m addicted to books. Have been all my life. I love holding them, feeling the pages slip between my fingers, the smell (you love it too, don’t deny it), the emotional rollercoaster they put me on from start to finish–it’s glorious. Even though I own a Kindle and use it well, I make sure to make a trip to the bookstore every once in a while to pick up some real books.  I’m currently obsessed with The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin.  This fantasy series revolves around a place called The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, where gods and mortal live among each other and one crazy ass family rules the world. Each book centers on one of three individuals who end up having a part in saving humanity and, essentially, the world.

There’s magic, love, betrayal, and a bunch of other delicious things that make me go ga-ga for this series. The story is so steeped in it’s own mythology (and reallity) when it comes to The Three, who are the three gods who brought the world and all of its life into existence. The way Jemisin ties the motifs of family lineage and mythology into the journey of the main characters is brilliant. The relationships between gods & gods and gods & humans reminds me very much of Greek and Roman mythology, both of which I’ve always been interested in. I’ve just started the third one and I’m sure this one will be just as good and even better than the previous ones.

Here is some fan art that I found and fell in love with. I’m mad that the web isn’t flooded with this stuff because this trilogy is amazing.


4 responses to “But its a Good Addiction…

  1. I’m somewhat jealous of the fact that you love books. Can you give me any tips as to how to boost your fervor for reading? I have never enjoyed reading, and I truly wish I had.

    • Well you can start with photography blogs, which I’m pretty sure you already do, or research books on/by your favorite photographers. But if you want to get into other genres, there are awesome sites where people write and post their own fiction, poetry or what have you, like Writer’s Cafe. Or there’s fanfiction where people write short stories about alternative scenarios & universes about their favorite shows/books that you can read. There’s soo much out there so you can get started easy, no sweat 🙂

  2. I have the same love for books as well. I love the feeling of flipping a page and the sound that it makes. I am also very OCD about my books and very rarely let people borrow them. They become precious objects to me.

  3. I am a fellow book lover! There is nothing I love more than to curl up in my bed with a tall glass of water and a great book! I recently got a Kindle as a present and love reading from it, but it’s not quite as magical!

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