Intuiti Cards for the Creative Mind


Here is yet another ingenious creation that I found and am deeply in love with! Intuiti Cards, developed by Matteo di Pascale, were made to inspire creativity. Combining aspects of Design, Tarot cards, Gestat Psychology, and Numerology, “each card is related to a thinking model that belongs to our culture, a powerful incentive that can put in motion creative and inspirational processes”. The idea is not to force it, not to tell or show the individual what they should use in their creative processes, only give pointed suggestions with the images and stories that each card tells. I think its a wonderful idea, and you can actually draw a few cards and experience them on the website. I’d love to try these out and see how they work, not only for drawing up solutions to problems, but for leisurely use as well.


6 responses to “Intuiti Cards for the Creative Mind

  1. Woah! These are amazing and seem like a lot of fun to use. I like all of the combined concepts behind them. This would be a great gift for my best friend and myself.

  2. Reblogged this on Siren in the Stars and commented:
    This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Jewel where did you find this to begin with!? 🙂 I really want to find these and play with them. Especially as of lately. Lately I have been so stunted with my inspiration or if I get any ideas I really feel they aren’t good enough. I’m not sure if this is a fault of me looking down or feeling bad about myself or what. But I’m in kind of a funk and I’d really like to get out of it.
    I’m not saying these cards would cure me but they seem really interesting! The littest things can inspire me, movies, songs, taking a walk, etc. It’s interesting because I remember one of my older sister’s friends teaching me how to read Tarrot cards and I think it would almost be cool to pull cards and read someone’s creative inspiration for them. It’s fascinating that this was created by college students/professors; really inspires me to think that we could all probably make something like this to inspire other people. Look…even that itself is inspiration!

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