Curious Explorer City Maps

Experience some of the world’s best-loved cities through fresh eyes with these city maps. Seeking out the well-used and much-loved, the extraordinary and the everyday, these maps capture the heart and soul of each city with wit, artistry and the expertise of a well-seasoned traveler. Old bookshops and new coffee shops, park benches and dive bars, hat shops and haberdashers – from hidden corners to local institutions – these maps instill a sense of wanderlust and breathe new life into the art of travel.

Found on Poketo, these really neat maps are the maps that should be handed out at information centers and hotel lobbies. Sure, when you visit a popular city you want to see all the typical tourist locations, but everyone knows those tourist sites aren’t the real heart of the city or where you feel the most connected to the place that you’re in. You want to go to the local bar, hit up a well-known burger joint that isn’t McDonald’s, and find out where the real center of the city is so you can immerse yourself in it. it seems like these maps do that in a simple, fun, and artistic way that anyone and everyone can appreciate.


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