Exploring the Trade

If I had unlimited funds, I would go to ALL the arts & design trade shows/festivals/fairs, exhibitions, but unfortunately I’m broke. But if I had just enough, I’d go to a few that really captivate me.

The first, the one that I know well, is the Art Basel. It showcases some of the best, new, and upcoming modern and contemporary visual artists. It’s held annually in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami. Even though it’s not a field a plan on going into, it’s one of my favorite types of art. Looking at past galleries and the current ones this year, this series of shows are never a disappointment.


As for Graphic Design and other design specific avenues, there are TONS of conferences  that help you expand on your skills, inspiration, and thinking as a creator. This particular article on Creative Bloq  has more than one list of shows and conferences that adhere to 2D and 3D designers. Two that really stood out were OFFSET, and Point.  OFFSET looks like a 3-day graphic design extravaganza, held in Berlin, that has presentations, workshops, debates, interviews and Q&As with some of the world’s leading creatives–and you get student discounts!


Point, which launched this year in London, focuses on celebrating “excellence in design and its influence in contemporary culture and society” which is a topic I am very interested in: seeing design as a tool that propels society forward and has a significant part in shaping our culture.



On the homeland, AIGA conferences happen multiple times a year both in-state and nationally and discuss a variety of topics while allowing you to network with other designers. This would be a more attainable goal for me since I plan on joining the organization with a few friends later on this year.




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