Artists On Loop: Esther Quek

My first installment of “Artists On Loop” was with Solange, and I didn’t really plan on making it a “thing”, but now I think it would be a good idea to briefly feature what creative people I’m obsessed with or interested in at any given moment. So, this edition is dedicated to my current girl crush, Esther Quek.




Women invading the world of menswear is a trend I highly approve of, and Esther does it  effortlessly. This Singaporean street fashion icon is the fashion director of The Rake, a classical/luxury menswear magazine. Based on that fact alone, I literally fell in love. She’s known for her sleek, feminine twists on menswear, specifically suits. She usually wears bright colors, has an affinity for floral prints, and lots of accessories such as bow-ties, pocket squares, tie-bars, and  jewelry (especially rings, watches, and bracelets).

It’s one thing to throw on a blazer and dress it up, but to manifest one’s personal style through an ensemble as rigid as a two-piece suit is something different, and is something that not a lot of people can pull off easily. Hence Ms. Quek being the Queen of Menswear.

You wish you could rock a suit like this.  So do I.





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