The Hurdles Ahead


(My junior year is over and I passed all of my classes! Thank you, Based God.)

I went to my undergrad adviser this morning to talk about adding another class for next semester. I already have a full schedule (15 hours) but that will leave me with 18 hours to complete in the spring, my last semester before I graduate. I didn’t want to stress myself out with that scenario so I decided to get over with sooner rather than later.

Since the requirements for my major will be met next semester that would leave me with nothing but electives so my adviser advised me to get a minor. I’ve been iffy about getting a minor for the past two years because, frankly, all of the programs suck. But, they just added a new one about a month ago and it focuses on studio art (hooray!). So I thought this was perfect, especially for when I submit my portfolio for Grad school. Now I’ll be taking 3 studios, 2 design classes, and 1 online class come fall which is A LOT, but hopefully, by the grace of all things beautiful in the universe, everything will align itself and I’ll come out on top……


Then in the spring I’ll be taking 2 studios, 1 art history class, and 2 electives. Then I’m done!…sort of. I’m dedicating this summer to researching graduate schools and working on my portfolio. The easier, more cost efficient thing to do would be to stay here and go to grad school but I kinda really don’t want to. I want to travel, go somewhere that has seasons. I need to get out of Arizona as soon as possible.


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