Kanye West Debuts Two New Songs On SNL

Kanye West continues to slay after last night’s performance on Saturday Night Live, where he premeired to new songs, “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead”, from his upcoming album Yeezus.


I want to talk about “New Slaves” for a minute because before he performed it on SNL, Yeezy marketed his new single in a very creative way. If you visit his official website, there is a map with red dots on cities worldwide. Kanye took to the streets in virtual form to let his fans experience his new music by projecting a video of himself onto buildings. This happened in 10 different cities on a total of 66 buildings including the University of Chicago, the Royal Ontario Museum  and on Prada 5th Avenue in NYC (I suggest you watch all of these–they’re on youtube!). I just thought it was a kick-ass example of guerrilla marketing and it’s sooo Kanye to want his face to magically appear on buildings all over the world for everyone to see.

The song itself is a pleasant surprise. I know a lot of people, including myself, who felt like Kanye might have lost his ability to pen “deep” lyrics after listening to his last few albums because of his accumulated fame, wealth, and obvious love for Alexander Wang. But he clearly addresses how the music industry is a perpetrator in the issue of materialism/consumerism in black culture.


Ye got his scream on with “Black Skinhead” and I love it. He posted the lyrics on his twitter and he talks about a range of things that deal with his controversial presence in the media. What I like about Kanye is that his music is always changing and evolving and adapting new styles while the essence of it remains true to his character.It seems like Yeezus is going to be a bit darker and louder then his previous works. These songs have a type of  rawness to them that I haven’t heard from him and I’m excited to hear more.

Kanye’s newest album is set to drop on June 18th.


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